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    Tracking Number Policy:

    The following are the maximum number of days for tracking numbers to be delivered after order is processed
    * Boots, Shoes & Bags: 7-10 days after order processing
      US, UK, CA, AUS - EMS With Destination Tracking
      Other International  - China Post Does Not Include Final Destination Tracking
    * Visionary Cards & Posters :  8-11 days after order processing
    * Jigsaw Puzzles: 4-7 days after order processing

    Shipping Policy:

    Delivery Time Estimates for Boots, Shoes & Bags:
    Production Time: 5-7 Days
    US, UK, CA, AUS Delivery Time Estimates: 10-25 Days
    Other International Delivery Time Estimates: 2-4 Weeks
    Other International shoe orders that have not arrived within 45 days of order processing are eligible for refunds or free reshipment.  


    Delivery Time Estimates for Visionary Cards & Posters
    Production Time: 5-7 Days
    US  Delivery Time Estimates: 4-7 Days
    Other International Delivery Time Estimates: 2-4 Weeks 

    Delivery Time Estimates for Jigsaw Puzzles:
    Production Time: 3-5 Days
    Delivery Time Estimates: 8-15 Days